My comedy novel, For the Love of Dog, is now available on Amazon in both book and e-book format.

Three months ago, Anna Marks had a home, a country, a husband and a future. Now, all she has is two suitcases, a laptop computer and a beagle called Frankly.
Together they are on their way from Denver, Colorado to Spain, to live for seven months in a tiny village in the mountains of Granada.
And this is 1999—before wireless internet and ever-present mobile phones—so it will be a complete and lonely exile on foreign soil, made solely because of Anna’s love for her constant companion of ten furry years.
To go directly home to England is not an option right now for it would mean months of hell in confinement for a very spoilt little bitch. And the dog wouldn’t like it, either.
Laugh and cry with Anna and Frankly as they discover a tapestry of conspiracy, tragedy, passion, friendship and laughter in the ‘least important village in Spain.’
For the Love of Dog is a ripple of laughter and hope that kicks ass, shatters beliefs and rebuilds hearts. Read Chapter One here.


I am an independent Catholic Priest, Sunday Morning Faith presenter on BBC Radio Devon, author of more than a dozen books on Bible mysticism and metaphysicsand a stand-up comedian.

Last year I was a finalist in the 2016 Bath New Comedy Award and, above, you can see me in the 2015 UK Funny Women Awards. I was runner-up in the South West Stand Up for Cider competition and I gig regularly throughout the UK and abroad.

Comedy and ministry go together surprisingly well—the true job of a priest is to connect people with their own inner joy and love of life… not make folk feel sinful or disconnected from the Divine.

Laughter is certainly the best medicine for that.

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Grace, Soul, Spirit

Maggy is a minister in an independent church that offers sacramental worship without enforcing any belief-system or membership. Through prayer, healing, ritual and workshops she helps individuals and groups realise their own inner and unique relationship with the Divine Source. This work includes the Sacred Magic of the Angels, the Feminine Wisdom Tradition, the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and the Toledano Tradition of Kabbalah.

She is an expert in the life and times of women of ancient Israel and uses this knowledge with the Judaic mystical teaching of those times to link conventional faith with the Law of Attraction teachings of the modern day.

Maggy teaches from a sound base of knowledge through experience as well as research and scholarship. She is committed to her path of personal spiritual development and is co-founder of La Convivencia, a group of like-minded people dedicated to showing how working from the level of the soul can help bring people together whatever their faith or culture.