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My latest book — about how the women of the Bible grew from behaving like the cast of EastEnders to powerful leaders and inspirational examples.

Hi, I’m Maggy Whitehouse, writer, author,   Independent Catholic minister, Bible historian — and stand-up comedian. 

First up, here’s a free video I did after the UK General Election for those worried about likely cuts in benefits who fear a lack of prosperity.

I’m a former BBC journalist and presenter and the author of seventeen books on aspects of spirituality from mystical interpretation of the Bible to a history of Opus Dei. My whole life has been spent exploring the complexities of the inner and the outer life — and it has been a life of miracles too.

What can I do for you?

I can host or compere your event, make you laugh out loud and inspire you simultaneously, ghost-write your book, run workshops on women in the Bible, Judaic mysticism and the New Testament, perform a sacred ceremony for you — from baby-naming through marriage, divorce and death. Oh — and I can present a radio or TV show for you too. Plenty of years’ experience in all of the above (see the About Me) page and plenty of fabulous stories to tell too.

I can also offer you spiritual mentoring if you think your life has gone off-kilter. Just click on the ‘Help’ button above to find out more about that.


This is my all-embracing study of the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, written from experience and recovery. It includes health, happiness and financial prosperity too.

What you’ll find on this site is:

A deep and abiding love for the Holy One (whatever you may choose to call It) but please don’t be put off by the ‘religious’ aspect. I have the greatest respect for all faiths — and none. My greatest spiritual experience — so far — was in the Mosque of Sidi-Uqba in Kairouan, Tunisa and I concur with the Islamic mystic Hafiz’s view that It is a great injustice and a monumental act of cruelty for any religion to make someone fear God.”

Ceremony and Ritual — individually-written services for you, whether you are getting married, divorced or need some help in marking a sacred rite of passage. I believe that the primary purpose of a minister is to help lift hearts.

Maggy has lived and breathed this teaching for a decade and it shows clearly in both her life and her work. She is witty, down-to-earth and unpretentious.” Jane Struthers, Bella magazine Astrologer

For more details of my work please click on the relevant tab above — or find me on Facebook. Thank you.


Grace, Soul, Spirit

Maggy is a minister in independent church that offers sacramental worship without enforcing any belief-system or membership. Through prayer, healing, ritual and workshops she helps individuals and groups realise their own inner and unique relationship with the Divine Source. This work includes the Sacred Magic of the Angels, the Feminine Wisdom Tradition, the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and the Toledano Tradition of Kabbalah.

She is an expert in the life and times of women of ancient Israel and uses this knowledge with the Judaic mystical teaching of those times to link conventional faith with the Law of Attraction teachings of the modern day.

Maggy teaches from a sound base of knowledge through experience as well as research and scholarship. She is committed to her path of personal spiritual development and is co-founder of La Convivencia, a group of like-minded people dedicated to showing how working from the level of the soul can help bring people together whatever their faith or culture.

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