Maggy Whitehouse


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See the Sex/God Tour at Camden, Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Bath Comedy Festivals.

New for 2022: The Sex/God Tour. Maggy is partnering with fellow silver comedian, Richard Jay, in a festival show about all the things we were taught we shouldn’t talk about. The gloves are off! NEXT SHOW: Brighton Fringe, Saturday 28th May. Folklore Room at The Quadrant at 9.45pm. Free entry. Bucket collection at en.

From death, through sex, through God, through money to Mary Whitehouse, The Sex/God Tour has it all. The show was inspired by Peter Graystone’s review in The Church Times: ‘No-one wants to hear about their vicar’s sex life’ – reporting on Maggy’s show at Edinburgh festival where she never even mentioned her sex life! Richard and Maggy debuted the tour at Leicester Comedy Festival in February and will be appearing festivals in the Midlands and South throughout 2022.

“What do you call a vicar who has you crying with laughter? Maggy Whitehouse!”

— West Magazine.
“Maggy Whitehouse is one of the most unique, distinctive & brilliantly subversive acts I’ve seen in years. Essential booking. Oh and funny. Very funny.”

— Chris Brooker, Bigmouth Comedy.
“There is a great need for a performer like Maggy Whitehouse—an outspoken, slightly sweary female Catholic priest (don’t worry, she explains how this is possible)—it makes a refreshing counterbalance to the Robin Ince/Brian Cox atheist axis that has been in unchallenged ascendancy.”

— The Wee Review (Formerly TV Bomb).
No, Maggy is not fluffy and no, she will not be trying to convert you. Think Father Ted but with a slightly better taste in cardigans. She extract the Archangel Michael out of religion and its stupidities from inside the box and reinterprets the Bible in a kick-ass kind of way.
“Funny, warm and strangely inspirational. Gives me faith in comedy.”

— Paul Tonkinson.
Ridiculously funny.”

Ridiculously funny.”—Adam Hills, presenter of The Last Leg.
“Bloody good.”

— Kernow King, BBC Cornwall.
“A witty presence, acknowledging her unusual place in an atheist-dominated comedy circuit, with an excellent comeback to hecklers.”

—Steve Bennett, Chortle, UK Comedy guide.
“Deliciously hilarious.”

— Martin Besserman, Monkey Business, London.