Kabbalah and Healing

Introduction and Chapter One below. We must try to understandthe meaning of the agein which we are called to bear witness.We must accept the factthis is an age in whichthe cloth is being unwoven.It [...]

The Vaccine as Messiah.

The Cosmic Christ. Image from Toledo Cathedral. At times of crisis, the natural inclination is to want to be saved and that’s exactly the purpose that we give to the idea of a Messiah. [...]

Sekhmet Awaits…

“The thing that got interrupted had no business continuing. This virus, this is a god; that is not overstating things, and the gods are in the house, and god is having god’s way as [...]

Soul Searching

Heart, soul, self, ego, spirit; these are words we bandy around in the spiritual world and everyone has a different definition for each one. It does help to understand the levels within us, so [...]

How to Hang on a Cross…

One of the magical things about studying Kabbalah is in learning how to read the Bible on four different levels. Literally, it’s a bit of a nightmare of slashing and burning and judgement but [...]