I’m an independent minister, comedian and author.

My latest article in Unity Magazine, this February, is on the importance of being willing to think anew in order to develop spiritually.

In 2019 I’m teaming up with two other Comedy Vicars to do shows around the country together. Three middle class, middle aged, middle England vicars performing comedy. What could possibly go wrong?! Our first show as White Collar Comedy was at Leicester Comedy Festival in February, we are performing at at Bath Comedy Festival on 10th April and heading to Edinburgh in August.

Throughout 2019 you can listen to The Mystery Schoolmy weekly online radio show for Unity Radio Online here. Broadcast time is 8pm UK time every Monday – and each show is downloadable as a podcast on the same link. Coming up towards the end of March and the beginning of April: Fr. Richard Rohr on the Cosmic Christ, Rev. Peter Owen Jones on the sacred environment, Dr. Margaret Barker on the mysteries of the First Temple and Paul Kerensa on comedy and faith.

My Bible Meditations are now available from my publisher’s website. Not bad for £4.99.

I am an independent minister working as a vicar in Devon. I also offer sacramental worship without enforcing any belief-system or membership. Through prayer, healing, ritual and workshops, I help individuals and groups realise their own inner and unique relationship with the Divine Source.

I’m also the author of 17 – soon to be 18 – published books, nearly all of which are about spirit, grace, humour and finding happiness. This is my Amazon author page.

I’m registered on The Celebrant Directory as a wedding, baptism and funerals minister.

For Kabbalah please visit my companion website Tree of Sapphires.

For more details of all aspects of my work please click on the relevant tab above—or find me on Facebook. Thank you.