Maggy Whitehouse


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Ceremonies Tailored for YOU

Maggy officiating at the wedding of a Christian woman with a Sikh man.

Sometimes a ritual or ceremony is incredibly important for starting, sealing or ending something that is important in your life. We all have many rites of passage and observing them and marking them can be a very special time.

Sometimes the chief mourners can include their pets. Maggy with Milly, Johnny Patterson’s beloved dog.

I have more than ten years’ experience in conducting weddings, baptisms, funerals and other sacred ceremonies including Sacred Divorce and services for healing pain around miscarriages, stillbirths and terminations. I am happy to weave elements of different beliefs, religions and customs into the service that you truly want that will reflect your life and level of faith.

Marriages and baptisms are always blessed, delightful and fun.

Funerals can be inspirational as well as peaceful and comforting. I started off in ministry leading funerals before I was ordained and I am an experienced funeral facilitator for both young and old.

Especially where there is additional sadness, through tragedy – perhaps even violent death or suicide – a personally-written service can give great comfort and bring peace.

Milly is blind but she still knew her master’s coffin and wanted to say goodbye (she has a happy home with Johnny’s daughter, Jade).

In this modern world there is often also a need for a sacred aspect of closure in cases of distress, bereavement or divorce. I will work with you to find the service and words that can bring comfort and release so that you can cherish a memory or find liberation from what was and move forwards.

In divorce after a religious marriage there is great power in a ceremony that releases vows and enables one or both parties to move on in peace.

I will also perform ceremonies for those who believe that they may still be bound by past life vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. This “rescinding of vows” can be very helpful for those who have found financial prosperity or relationships challenging.

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