Details of my 18 published books are here.

I’m a story-teller.

Story is more important, and even more powerful, today. These are noisy times and everyone wants your attention.

We’re getting more selective about choosing who gets it (I know I am, at least), so it’s more important than ever to cut through that noise with emotional connection and memorability – not just another “Buy Now” button.

Stories are the perfect avenue for that.

Telling the right ones can inspire instant “know, like, and trust” feelings, and brand loyalty.

Helping you tell your story would be a delight for me – whether it’s spiritual, secular, product-based or purely to invite people to purchase your work (and what’s more important than that?). Email me on or find me on Linked In and let’s talk about your story.

I began writing at the age of 19 as a regional journalist in the Midlands and, over 40+ years, have written for newspapers, magazines, radio and television as well as blogging both for myself, ghost-writing other blogs and for The Huffington Post. You can read my article Happy to be a Heretic here.

I also write regularly for Unity Magazine, specialising in the metaphysics of the Bible. Here’s the link to my article Lessons from Lilith.

In the 1980s I was breakfast news writer and newsreader at two independent local radio stations and then a BBC Breakfast Presenter for BBC Radio WM.

From there, I moved to becoming a writer and producer for BBC and ITV Daytime TV programmes including the famed Pebble Mill at One.

Two Independent Television documentaries later, I moved on to becoming the relationships writer for Bella magazine while also writing for Woman, Living and Take a Break and writing human interest and travel articles for The Sunday Telegraph and The Independent.