New for 2017: The 2017 Tool Kit.

An online course running throughout the year, beginning on 19th January. Join whenever you want.

You’ll have noticed that the best laid plans often fall apart, especially if they are about self-development and spiritual work.

We have the best intentions but the old habits (and other folk) often get in the way and, before we know it, we’ve lost the plot again—we haven’t done the meditation, the EFT, the affirmations, the visualisations etc. etc. etc.

But help is at hand.

This is a brand new online teaching, support and encouragement course where you are given the perfect tools for what you want to dissolve and create in 2017. if you commit to it, there may even be nagging in order to help you stay resolved and active 🙂

The 2017 Tool Kit includes: 

* A monthly webinar with tools and teaching and answered questions. This will be recorded and available to all whether or not you can turn up live.
* Up to 40 minutes individual spiritual direction/coaching per person per month either by Skype, email, messenger or in person—your choice.
* Daily and weekly tasks and study options with homework and feedback.
* A mini astrological reading outlining the helpful and unhelpful aspects of the psychological blueprint you were born with. This helps you to use your free will better.
Two free books in ebook format—The Little Book of Prosperity and The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.
A Facebook group for discussion and sharing.

There will be more—it all depends on what you want and what you need to make your dreams come true. Together, we can do this. And we can make it fun.

Cost: £25 per month. You can start or cancel whenever you like; it’s completely up to you. We’ll begin the teaching itself as soon as ten people have registered (maximum is 25 folk)—however, I’ll need to get your astrological details as soon as possible, please, to start working on your charts.

There are more details to come. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

The ‘About Me’ Bit:

I’m ordained in an independent church focusing on interfaith and understanding. In the last 20 years I’ve written 17 books, mostly about spirituality, mysticism, prosperity consciousness and living joyfully.
I’m happily married and have a lovely home in Devon and work I adore. I am blessed in that much of my prosperity comes directly from the Holy One in miracles and gifts but I also earn a living as a freelance teacher, comedian and broadcaster.
I’ve been widowed, divorced, experienced cancer, business and emigration disasters (all of which turned out to be good things in their way) and have had a lifetime of adventure, falling flat on my face, getting up and living joyfully again. There are many aspects of my life where all I have to do is ask and it is given and I’m happily working on expanding that.  😀
For a list of my published books please click here.