The Lazy Atheist.

When you’re a vicar, you get used to the feeling that every time you walk into a room an elephant walks in with you. I’m used to mine now, he’s called Gordon and he [...]

The Collar of Anubis

The first time my mother met my bishop, he was wearing his pyjamas and having a fag in the garden. I should emphasise here for my American friends that ‘having a fag’ in the [...]

Abram and the Land

One of my jobs as a minister and a prosperity teacher is to make sense of that rather strange book, the Bible. At first glance it (particularly the Old Testament) is a minefield of [...]

A Christian Apologia

It has come to the point where I want to apologise for being a Christian; where I feel embarrassed to be a minister in a sea of prejudiced, inaccurate and archaeic law-quoting hypocrites. It’s [...]

The Spirit and the Law

Question: Have you ever wondered why God stopped speaking to us 2000 years ago? Answer: (to be accurate, it’s more of a Jewish ‘answer a question with a question’ kind of thing) What makes [...]