The World, the Flesh and the Devil.

Medieval painting of the Virgin Mary thumping the devil. The Prophets in the Bible are generally ignored nowadays. It’s probably because they are concerned with social, institutional, national, or corporate evil and our participation in it. [...]

Our Own Worst Enemies?

Picture by the Four Wheeled Legend. I got a bad review for a corporate comedy gig I did. And I mean a really bad, one-star review. Fair enough. These things happen. The lady was [...]

A Date With God

Detail: Rubens and his wife Isabella Brant in the Honeysuckle Bower (Peter Paul Rubens) Let’s face it, God has had some very bad PR. Interpretations of the Holy Books haven’t helped. According to the [...]

The Lazy Atheist.

When you’re a vicar, you get used to the feeling that every time you walk into a room an elephant walks in with you. I’m used to mine now, he’s called Gordon and he [...]

The Collar of Anubis

The first time my mother met my bishop, he was wearing his pyjamas and having a fag in the garden. I should emphasise here for my American friends that ‘having a fag’ in the [...]

Abram and the Land

One of my jobs as a minister and a prosperity teacher is to make sense of that rather strange book, the Bible. At first glance it (particularly the Old Testament) is a minefield of [...]

A Christian Apologia

It has come to the point where I want to apologise for being a Christian; where I feel embarrassed to be a minister in a sea of prejudiced, inaccurate and archaeic law-quoting hypocrites. It’s [...]