Spending the Day Dead

If anyone asks me what I’m doing on Holy Saturday, I always say that I’m spending the day dead. It’s a very peaceful feeling. The point is that this is a day of contemplation; [...]

So This is Advent…

It’s Advent 2017 — the start of Christmas, right? Certainly it’s the time when folk like me who refuse to even consider the Festive Season until December finally surrender to the behemoth that is [...]

A Date With God

Let’s face it, God has had some very bad PR. Interpretations of the Holy Books haven’t helped. According to the Old Testament, God’s fond of mass genocide (Noah’s Ark), destruction of idolators (Exodus, Kings), [...]

Children of a Greater God

 Until about a hundred years ago, we were all pretty comfortable with a small, exclusive, tribal God. We lived in villages, towns and cities without a wider view of the world and when news [...]