The Spirit and the Law

Question: Have you ever wondered why God stopped speaking to us 2000 years ago? Answer: (to be accurate, it’s more of a Jewish ‘answer a question with a question’ kind of thing) What makes [...]

The Wisdom Cap

The plumber came round on a Tuesday morning wearing a navy blue baseball cap with an image of a mountain and the word Wisdom on it. It really floated my boat to think that [...]

Resurrecting Yourself

Many years ago, my friend Rachel who’s a Greek/Theology scholar amongst many other wonderful things said this: “It’s not the crucifixion and the suffering that are the key, it’s the death. Once you agree [...]

Spending the Day Dead

If anyone asks me what I’m doing on Holy Saturday, I always say that I’m spending the day dead. It’s a very peaceful feeling. The point is that this is a day of contemplation; [...]