A Date With God

Let’s face it, God has had some very bad PR. Interpretations of the Holy Books haven’t helped. According to the Old Testament, God’s fond of mass genocide (Noah’s Ark), destruction of idolators (Exodus, Kings), [...]

Children of a Greater God

 Until about a hundred years ago, we were all pretty comfortable with a small, exclusive, tribal God. We lived in villages, towns and cities without a wider view of the world and when news [...]

A Fool for God

‘I could never do that.’ If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. They say that chubby, shy kids are often funny to divert any criticism away from them. I was [...]

The Four Faces of Jesus.

One of the great theological debates about the New Testament is ‘why four gospels?’ We know that many more were written, including the famous Nag Hammadi scripts with writings by the disciples Philip and [...]

St. Paul and the Women.

I was never fond of St. Paul. His teachings on money and on women were always a challenge and I always wondered how he got the ascendency over the disciples who actually knew Jesus and [...]