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Creation by Harmonia Rosales

The reasoning behind the decision to overturn Wade vs Roe – and for all anti-abortion campaigning is all about the sanctity of human life.

Humans, are made ‘in the image of God,’ according to the Bible – and life begins at conception according to Evangelical Christianity.

Just in passing, I’ll mention that Judaism (and Jesus was a Jew) states clearly that life begins with the first independent breath, outside your Mother’s body. This is the point at which soul and body are fused together. Before that, the soul maybe present and dip in and out during the pregnancy but it is free to leave. If it does leave, a miscarriage occurs.

Judaism also states that the mother’s life and mental health is far more important than any potential other human she may be carrying. The Bible itself says nothing about abortion – it didn’t need to; reproductive health was entirely the women’s business back then and they took care of it with herbs and potions just as they took care of their spiritual needs outside of the synagogue. (See my novel The Book of Deborah for more details about this).

But what about the soul? Why all this focus on the miniscule foetus and none on the soul?

Because – to put it bluntly – the majority of Evangelicals haven’t got the slightest clue what ‘soul’ even means.

Your soul is immortal. Your ego (thoughts, opinions, beliefs, religion etc.) is not. 

A soul is not killed during an abortion and the ego isn’t even formed. How do I know? Decades of studying Judaic mysticism and, even more importantly, experiential evidence.

Here are two stories from my time 20 years ago as a practicing healer. Both are 100% true and all identities have been changed.

The first is of a woman who became pregnant more than 40 years ago in the UK. She was 19 at the time and her boyfriend was serving abroad in the armed forces by the time she discovered that her copper 7 coil had failed.

Jean told her parents, who were outraged and encouraged her to have an abortion. She went ahead with it, not realising the levels of guilt she would experience for decades afterwards.

Jean came to me for treatment for a stress-related disease and told me the whole story. She had married the father of the aborted child; they had two children and were happy together. But the guilt still ate away at her.

I suggested she write an Angel Letter (from Terry Lynn Taylor’s book Messengers of Light). This is a letter to the soul of anyone you fear you may have hurt or to whom you wish to make an appeal or amends when you cannot do it in the physical – for any reason. 

Jean agreed and wrote a heartfelt letter to the soul of her aborted child, explaining why she did what she did and begging its forgiveness. She ended it by asking the soul to let her know if it was okay – and, thank goodness, she felt much better at once for having made a direct communication.

She phoned me 48 hours later in floods of tears. Her eldest son was on a gap year and travelling in South Africa. He managed to get to a pay phone to make an international call to her and this is what he said:

‘Mum, are you all right? I had this terrible dream. You were kneeling at my feet begging my forgiveness and saying over, and over again, that you had killed me. You were pleading with me to tell you that I was still alive.

‘I’m fine, Mum. Are you okay?’

She knew. She knew that this was the same soul as the aborted baby. She had not killed her son; she had simply delayed his birth.

Jean’s life was transformed from that moment on. The stress-related illness healed.

Story no. 2 is of a dear friend, Charlotte, who became pregnant accidentally but who was married and didn’t see it as a problem. However, within days of the positive pregnancy test, she started having horrific nightmares and feelings that she was carrying an alien inside her. ‘It’s not mine!’ she kept saying to her husband and, eventually, to me. She was a deeply spiritual woman and totally perplexed – and panic-stricken – by what was happening. She would even wake in the night, screaming.

Charlotte had psychiatric help; she did everything she could to help herself carry the baby but it couldn’t be done. Reluctantly – but with the full approval of her husband who, more than anything, wanted his beloved, happy wife back – she booked an abortion.

The day before the operation, Charlotte went on a long journey where she sat next to her sister-in-law in a car for four hours. Nothing unusual about that but, half an hour from the end of the journey, she felt that the living presence inside her had gone. She was glad, assuming that the soul of her child had left, knowing that the pregnancy was not going ahead.

She had the abortion; did a little ceremony of farewell for the soul and continued her life, deeply relieved.

Two months later, her brother contacted her to tell her that her sister-in-law was pregnant with twins.

It was only months later that Charlotte discovered that her sister-in-law had been trying, desperately, for a baby for ten years. She was on her last round of IVF – they couldn’t afford any more – and every effort had failed. The doctors told her she would never be able to carry a baby.

She she had a healthy pregnancy; delighted to find she was carrying twins, and gave birth to one healthy and one quite fragile non-identical twin girl.

The weaker twin looks just like her family and the stronger looks just like Charlotte’s husband…you really can’t miss that nose! Both children are now full-grown, married and have children of their own.

Some years later, Charlotte conceived again, had a relatively easy pregnancy, with no fears, and is the mother of a son. She believes, as do I, that she conceived a child who was the way-bearer for her sister-in-law’s own baby. The soul moved over from Charlotte to her sister-in-law on the day they travelled together for four hours. That soul was strong enough to help her IVF-conceived sister to survive. The whole scenario was an act of love from the elder sister to the younger one so she might live.

You don’t kill a soul at abortion. A soul does not die at miscarriage. I have had other clients who miscarried confirm that they knew the baby they carried safely to term later was the same soul. Obviously it doesn’t always happen but it happens enough to be yet more evidence that abortion is not the end of the line for a soul.

Just thought you might like to know that…