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As half of America reels from the turning over of Roe vs Wade and the other half gloats, can we find a deeper message in here? And can we find a way forward?

I think so.

We have to sift through much rubbish, including misogyny and kindergarten religion (my phrase for right-wing, unexamined Christianity) and – of course – politics to get to the heart of the matter but it’s worth doing.

The decision by the Supreme Court is, in my view, Lucific.

Lucifer means ‘light bearer’ and in legend, he is the leader of all the angels who is jealous of Adama* who is capable of naming the animials whereas an angelic being is not. Lucifer and many of his cohorts rebel and choose to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven.

Lucifer is what most Christianity would call ‘the devil’ or ‘the tempter’ and such an energy force certainly exists. You can spot it fairly easily because it is very good at virtue signalling. To succeed, evil has to present itself as being Light. Hence the name.

The Biblical prophets defined three sources of evil: the world, the flesh and the devil. The world is ‘the system’ – how things are done. For the most part, the system serves us sufficiently that we are able to disregard the evils within it. Many children get a good education from the system although it is often unable to cope with children who are ‘different.’

Countries are defended by the system when armies are needed to head off an invasion although better peacekeeping would be better. And war is very profitable…

Governments are needed to create and maintain laws to keep the system working, even though it would be better if we always acted with integrity so we did not need governments. And governments are often corrupt.

The flesh is the individual sin – the stealing of that lipstick from Boots when you’re 13 (I confess!), sexual abuse, cruelty etc. The sins of the flesh always come from problems within the system (I believed I had to wear lipstick because my peers did and I didn’t have enough money to buy one – can you get that?) so they occur because of the system. However, religious types nearly always focus on the sins of the flesh because they are the ones where they can point the finger with impunity. Scapegoating (please see my previous blog).

The devil is when the system – and the sins of the flesh that come from it – are presented as being good, virtuous and even holy.

The decision by the US Supreme Court is in this third category.

However – and there is a however – within every Lucific truth there is one grain of real truth.

What is that truth? The system presents, as truth, that sexualisation is normal and sex itself is terrific.

Now good sex is terrific! More than terrific! But I know from my own experience that quite often women have sex because they think they ought to, rather than because they really, really want to.

Back in the 1970s/80s I had a lot more sex than was wise because I had been raised with practically no self-esteem and I was taught that what a man wanted, he got. I gave away my virginity because someone wanted it and I didn’t know I had the right to say ‘no,’ not because I was in love. Not healthy.

I suspect there may be even more of that kind of thing right now.

I’ve also had an abortion and I know that it damaged me psychologically although it was the better of two evils at that time. I won’t say more because abortion is never just one person’s story… I totally support abortion on demand and I know that it’s harmful to the mother.

I don’t believe that it is harmful to the soul of the child – and my next blog will explain how I know that, so bear with me please.

Dear American women, if you want autonomy over your bodies, you need to act. And you need to act with your bodies.

Lysistrata is a Greek play about a woman who led a revolution in Greece to stop the men from continually going to war.

She persuaded her fellow women to refuse sex until the war stopped.

So why not? It worked in the play. It would most probably work in real life. It would certainly bring the problem right to the heart of everyday life and keep it there so it would have to be addressed.

Okay, I hear your arguments:

1/ I like sex; why should I stop?

Because the lives of your sisters and your autonomy over your own body are more important than a couple of hours of enjoyment three times a week; that’s why. You can always use a vibrator or have sex with a female friend.

If you don’t take action now both those rights might be taken away from you soon. Heck, if you don’t take action now, soon enough it will be contraception, gay rights, inter-racial marriages, education. It will be the Taliban. It is that serious.

2/ That won’t help the poor women who are forced into sex after being trafficked or who are in a violent relationship.

No it won’t, short term, it won’t. I know, and I’m deeply sorry. But it just might encourage them to ask for help or to leave. And in the worst case, if they become pregnant, it will show up the controlling and cruel men in the USA and action can be taken to stop them.

3/ It will increase marital rape.

Yes, quite possibly. So report it. Marital rape is currently illegal but it won’t be if you you don’t act soon…

I’m sure there are more arguments but before you make them, please read the story of Lysistrata here now.

Yes, I’m sure deaths would occur from women refusing sex to men. Isn’t it time we put that centre stage? Because, for sure, there will be deaths coming from back-street abortions, suicides and dangerous pregnancies anyway.

Death is coming from this Supreme Court ruling. There’s no alternative to that.

Make them deaths that count; deaths that change the system.

Please. Just think about it. It is five months to the Mid-Term elections and they can change this. With a big enough majority, your president can over-rule even the Supreme Court. You’ve probably managed to go without sex for five months in your life before. If your partner is a loving person and supports women’s autonomy over their bodies, he will support you.

If he doesn’t, why are you with him?

Dear women of America. The future is in your hands. Please consider this.

Thank you.

*Adama because at that stage of the great sacred story, humanity was one soul containing both sexes, having not yet separated out into male and female bodies in Eden. Therefore to call it ‘Adam’ would deny its unified duality of male-female-both.